What’s happening at our Parksville Resort Vacation Rental


Huge bubbles coming from in the ground, do not have any idea what causes this to happen. Is especially dramatic at high tides. This is located just in front of our house and can only be seen via Kayak.During the colder months, if you have a BC saltwater fishing license, you can dig for clams and pick oysters off the beach in front of our home.

Stunning view at Rhododendron Lake

An Adventurous Weekend. We did the course of Monkido at Wild Play Element Park, very exciting but a bit scary at the same time.

Wild Play Element Park

Harold has just completed our 430 ft. AVATAR TRAIL alongside our WETLANDS where plants, water and animals are living together in harmony.The trail is like walking in an overgrown jungle where you feel that the plants and trees dwarf you.

June 10, 2010 Cattails are just starting to flower. The green flower spikes can be eaten like corn on the cob. The Red Winged Blackbirds love to make their nests in the plants themselves and the Hummingbirds use the fuzzy spent flower to build their nests.

A new discovery for us is the Heritage Park in Qualicum. It`s only a 20 minute drive and all of a sudden you`re walking in an Old Growth Forest amongst large Douglas Fir and Cedar trees.

We’ve been feasting on ‘Glass Wort’, which is better known as ‘Sea Asparagus’. Very good in cooking alone or with other foods, and makes awesome pickles! We can pick lots of it right outside our pond and in the channels heading to the ocean.

2011 November 5th, Chum Salmon spawning in our pond

Below are some photographs taken by our guests in the summer of 2011, Robert Walsh from California.

Beautiful shot of an Eagle by Robert Walsh

We are currently building an addition to our home! Yes, this will include yet another Deluxe Suite. This suite has a ‘birds eye view’ of spawning salmon in the pond below. This suite will have access to three separate decks. Will notify when completed, hopefully¬†in the fall of 2012.

Moorcroft Park

Nanaimo Regional District and Nature’s Trust have recently aquired a beautiful seaside park that was historically a children’s church camp. These many acres of gorgeous landscape are a tranquil dream to stroll through. Located only minutes from here.

This year (2012), we have seen so much wildlife. It’s constantly changing. Black Bears sitings close to or house are getting more common. Beaver have moved into our pond, Otters play around the ponds as well. Bird life is pretty well saturated. Salmon fry are steadily jumping in the water. We are constantly amazed at the way there can be so much variation in one spot.
November, the salmon are starting to spawn into the south pond.
Harold has almost completed the new outside kitchen for guests to enjoy………pictures to come!